SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
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SMART Cleaning Card - Long

SMART Cleaning Card - Long

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Plastic card printers require routine cleaning. Often plastic cards hold a static charge which will attract dust and dirt from the production facility as well as from an office environment. To help maintain optimum print quality, printer performance, and to maximize the printer’s life, it’s critical to clean the printer when prompted by the LCD, or Watchmen software on the PC, and to replace the adhesive cleaning roller (included with every ribbon in the box)  on every ribbon change.

The SMART Long Cleaning Card is an alcohol saturated cleaning card that is designed to safely and effectively clean and remove dust, oils and other contaminants from the transport roller, roller path guide and the thermal print heads.

Plastic cards can have a high static charge and can attract a lot of dust and dirt.

To maintain the printer’s lifespan and performance, we recommend the SMART Card Printer is cleaned every time a ribbon is changed and more often in dirty environments.


Also clean the orange dirt pickup roller regularly to improve effectiveness of the roller in removing dust off cards before printing to ensure more consistent results.