SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
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SMART 70 Series

Introducing the new large capacity card printer from IDP.

Ideally suited for large printing installations such as government applications eg: national ID, drivers licence, pension cards... the SMART 70 fills the needs for users who need to secure their ID Cards and ribbons in a securely locked printer.

The SMART 70 Series offers a unique modular design that is easily up-gradable. Each unit is fitted with locks to prevent unauthorised access to the individual elements. This is necessary for installations requiring secure monitoring of specialised ribbons such as the hologram lamination patches. Also the base pre-printed card stock is kept separately secured in the input hopper and this is a novel way to prevent un-personalised cards from being removed.

Configurations vary from single sided only printing to a fully configured system with dual sided printing, lamination and 500 card input and output hoppers.

Uniquely the printer offers a simple no-tool upgrade strategy as each module is "plug 'n play" which any dealer or IT technician would be able to manage in minutes.
Ribbon and card changing time is optimised by large capacity 500 card ribbon and laminating patch which match the capacity of the input and output hopper.

The printers are elegantly designed and have a presence unlike any other printer in the market. Crisp, clean and innovation are the hallmark of this printer, it has looks to impress in any modern office, reception area or security room.

The base model is operable as a stand alone machine which would require hand feeding of single cards. Ideally the upgrade modules of 500 card input hopper is a minimum requirement which would make the machine appropriate to most needs. Thereafter the unit could be upgraded with flip-over unit for dual sided printing, encoding module for magstripe, RFID or smart cards, lamination module to apply secure protective holographic patch to the card, and finally the output hopper which would complete the full-house solution.


Tailor-made Modular Design, SMART-70 Series



 is high-performance large capacity ID card 
printer designed by the unique modular concept that
can support various printer configurations to meet
different user requirements. 500 cards can be continuously
printed, laminated and encoded on various cards.




SMART-70 consists of 5 different modules;

_ Input Hopper
_ Printer
_ Hybrid Flipper
_ Laminator
_ Output Hopper



Instant Direct-Heating Technology


*Hologram cards



SMART-70 Lamination is a stand-alone modular type with
the highly durable & reliable metal-frame feature.
No needed heating warming-up time to laminate and features
conserve energy-saving compared to other competitive card printers.






*SMART-70 series


User-friendly modular types can easily upgrade without IT experts
& technical knowledges.

Each station enable communication cables, so very easy to customize
Just connect each station and design SMART-70 series according to
vertical markets below.

• Driving License
• National ID Card
• Security Employee Badge