SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
SA's "SMART" brand of plastic ID card printers.
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Lamination option

The SMART laminating printers offer a patented direct lamination technology which, among other benefits, offers the industry’s fastest heat up time of only 8 seconds.  

This added benefit combined with the well-priced laminating printers, builds a strong case for switching your company to IDP today.

IDP’s laminate material has been fully tested by independent laboratories to ensure durability and to increase card life.  

Our laminate films have been tested for peel strength, card flex, surface abrasion, temperature and  humidity dye migration and daylight exposure stability.  

The resultant card with IDP’s laminate film will greatly extend your cards’ life compared to a non-laminated cards.

IDP offers clear laminate, “stock” holograms and custom hologram laminates to best suite your needs. 

 Custom holograms and card solutions can be designed to include all three level of security – 

Overt, Covert, and Forensic – and an optimally designed hologram combined with printed card features offer you 

the ultimate in security. Increase Card Life – Increase Card Security – Reduce Your Card Costs



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